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You prefer natural products when life gets out of balance. With this in mind we created KinKit Remedies.
Safe, effective remedies suitable for common stress situations that most of us experience.

Kinkit was born 7  years ago from our desire to help our kin…our friends, loved ones and clients…find balance and harmony in an often stressful world. As practitioners and teachers, we noticed that much of the prevailing advice, no matter how well intended, could be so complicated, that it added to the stress and temporary ‘overwhelm’ our clients were experiencing…. But, more importantly, it just didn’t get to the heart of it. We wanted to offer ‘elegant remedies’ that really worked, and offer (our kin) something that brought them some sense of ease and comfort in their busy lives. So, we used our extensive experience in Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy and Naturopathy to personally create each Kin Kit product. And as we were both passionate about Bach Flower Essences and their wonderful effects on emotions…they were an obvious choice!

We focus on offering you a caring, unique service…helping us create ‘kin’ both near and far! Work isn’t actually work at KinKit…it’s more like play. We’re doing it our way and we’re enjoying every minute!